Friday, January 23, 2015

What’s Your Why?

Happy Friday, teacher friends! At the beginning of the week, Sarah from A Rocky Top Teacher shared about her passion for teaching and the reasons behind why she is an educator. Her enthusiasm sparked something in me and caused me to keep coming back to the question “why do I teach?” all week long. Although I am only a student teacher right now, I grew up in my mom’s classroom and have been surrounded by education for as long as I can remember. I saw my mom pour her heart into her classroom and students every school year. I saw the tremendous amount of time and energy that my mom invested in being an effective teacher every school year. Now, I’m starting to experience what my mom did on a much smaller scale as a student teacher and I’m asking myself “why do I teach?” and “what is it about teaching that fires me up?”

As I thought about those questions this week, I kept coming back to a simple reason. I love being in the classroom. I sat down this afternoon after getting comfy and cozy and built on that reason. I love how Sarah described it by saying “there is a reason that you wake up every morning and walk into your classroom ready to tackle a day full of learning with your students.” So, here are a few of my reasons!

I know that I’ll always be adding more reasons for why I do what I do as I grow as an educator and step into my classroom, but this is a glimpse into my heart right now. I’ve definitely chosen a career where I’ll always be learning and growing right there alongside my students. I’m so thankful for that!

Be sure to link up with Sarah to share your heart and answer your own “why?” :)


A Rocky Top Teacher said...

I love everything about this post! You are going to be a great teacher. Enjoy student teaching, and please let me know if you ever need untying. Thank you for sharing your passion with us!


A Rocky Top Teacher said...

Annnnd....that should say "anything"! Got to love posting from my phone and autocorrect! :)