Sunday, November 2, 2014

Currently {November}

Hello friends! I have been admiring and reading "Currentlys" forever, but this is the first time I have ever participated. Actually, this is my first blog post EVER! I knew joining in on Oh' Boy 4th Grade's  "Currently" link up would be the best way to jump into the world of blogging.  Let's get started!

Listening: It's no secret that I LOVE Gilmore girls. I own all of the seasons so it's one of my "go to" shows that I never get tired of watching. I've had season five playing this weekend in the background while I've worked on lesson planning.

Loving: The leaves exploded with color over the past week in southeastern Tennessee. I look forward to this time every. single. year. So gorgeous!

The leaves at the school I'm currently student teaching at...we have recess here and it couldn't be more perfect! 

Thinking: Although I have been an avid reader of teacher blogs for the past few years, I've mainly stuck on the sidelines. Now that I'm student teaching and getting close to having my own classroom, I figured it was the best time to finally start my own blog. I'm so excited to finally join the world of teachers that have inspired me over and over again! My mind is racing with lots of ideas of blog posts to write in the near future. Stay tuned! :) 

Wanting: I am a mountain-loving girl! Give me a choice between the beach or the mountains, and I'll choose the mountains every single time. One of my favorite things to do is to go exploring, but I haven't been able to do it much this semester. I would love to have a Saturday completely free where I could go out and simply explore somewhere new. 

Needing: I've spent most of my weekend planning for a unit on pourquoi stories I'm teaching in two weeks. I've planning on using several of the ideas from this resource created by "Read Write Grow with Mrs .K." If you're a second, third, or fourth grade teacher that teaches pourquoi stories, I highly recommend this resource! 

Reading: The last book I finished reading was Crash Course by Kim Bearden, but I haven't started anything new since then. I've been watching The Good Wife when I have free time instead of reading anything... :/

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